Thursday, 17 October 2013

Who benefits

Who Benefits? is a broad partnership of charities who want to reframe the terms of the debate about social security. Too often, the portrayal of welfare benefits and benefit claimants in the media and elsewhere is misleading – that benefits are generous, easily obtained, and often a lifestyle choice. We know that that just isn’t the case – work with our members and directly with clients shows only too clearly that people are facing increasing hardship due to a range of factors, including the Work Capability Assessment and the on-going process of welfare reform. Coming from a drug and alcohol perspective, we’re also acutely conscious of the impact of stigma; one of the most insidious and harmful effects of the way that the media talks about social security is to increase the stigma felt by all people who have to rely on benefits to get by.

Who Benefits? aims to provide balance to this largely negative narrative by highlighting the vital role that social security and welfare benefits have in supporting people who would otherwise be at risk – the young, the old, the unwell and those experiencing other forms of disadvantage. Who Benefits? believes that no one should go hungry because they lose their job or become homeless because they get ill, and will give a voice to the millions of people who have been helped and supported through at least one point in their lives by social security benefits.

Who Benefits? is coordinated by The Children’s Society, Crisis, Gingerbread, McMillan Cancer Support and Mind, and supported by dozens of other charities and community groups from a range of sectors, including DrugScope. If you’re interested in supporting or joining the campaign, you can find out how here.

Paul Anders
DrugScope Senior Policy Officer

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