Monday, 13 October 2014

October's 10 Interesting Things About Alcohol and Other Drugs You Might Have Missed

Posted by Andrew Brown, Director of Policy Influence and Engagement

These slides are a way of capturing some of the interesting information about alcohol and other drugs that I come across in my reading.

As you'll see the ones below include data on commissioners plans to reduce spending on services, injecting drug users and HIV, smoking prevalence, proportion of new Europol cases relating to drugs, the time spent on OST, regional variation on emergency hospital admissions for alcohol related liver disease, prisoners use of substances and their relationship to the crimes committed, numbers accessing domestic violence refuges, single homeless people's use of drugs and alcohol.

It should be clear where I've sourced the information from but if not (and you'd like to know) then do get in touch.

It is also worth saying that if there are any errors in the presentation they are almost certainly mine rather than the original authors.

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